Морская находка


22 июля на аукционе eBay была совершена продажа некой находки, сделанной на побережье моря во Флориде.
Окончательная цена составила 1500 долларов.
Хотя подобные темы и не входят в сферу интересов нашего сайта, тем не менее мы выкладываем эту информацию для обозрения, ибо в ней нет того налета мистицизма, который присущь всякого рода "паранормальным" явлениям.
Дано : факт продажи, подкрепленный достаточно качественными фотографиями, которые по заключению авторитетного эксперта не являются монтажом или подделкой.
Фотографии подлинные, а вот что было снято цифровой камерой...
Это вы увидите ниже.
Здесь-же продавец отвечает на вопросы , задаваемые ему потенциальными покупателями.
Все материалы взяты по адресу :
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=300006962914#description Однако зная, как стремительно меняются страницы аукциона, мы позволили себе копировать и сохранить данный материал.
Надеемся, что эта информация органично дополнит тему, начатую в разделе "Чужие".
Здесь можно посмотреть оригинал страницы, сохраненный нами на нашем сайте.


Q: I also live in FLA and have enjoyed reading all the questions especially from those who have no idea what a beautiful state we live in. Not ALL of our beaches are full of tourists and are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. . rated top by all the experts for their pristine and natural state. I was just wondering if you would be willing to have an interview with George Noury of AM Coast to Coast show? If so, I will try and arrange it for you as to me, it deserves the attention and some serious talk about your find. Good luck with your auction and it certainly has my interest.

A: There are miles of beaches here most tourists would be afraid of. Thanks for writing!

Q: WOW this is great i found a much smaller version of this creature when i was 16 now im 36 at that time i was afraid to mention this to my friends let alone my parents. it was about 3 ft. this was at daytona beach shores near the jetty's. i put this dead thing back in ther water also i had bad night mares for months. i really do not know what you have there however i have seen the same. i currently reside in casselberry florida & have stayed clear of the ocean since. just thought you would like to know.

A: Thanks for sharing. So I'm not the only one finding sea monsters.

Q: If she was real, why would the government let you keep her?

A: Because she is not goverment property.

Q: Is the seaweed included?

A: If the winner would like some sea weed I will include a nice amount.

Q: where are the flys . if this creature is dead like a dead fish there most be flys or not ?!

A: maybe the flies were down the beach getting a tan and drinking beers.

Q: Could we possibly see more pictures of this fascinating item? Where it's being stored, perhaps?

A: I would add more photos but once an auction has bids, you can't add anymore photos.

Q: why isnt it on the news?
A: She was on the news, channel 10 news on the 16th or 17th.

Q: Were u alone when u found her? if so how did u manage to flip her yourself with no help? U said she was preserved and not broken, was she like that when u found her? or did u preserve her? I don't think there is a single beach in FL. that is totally deserted...if it is deserted how did u find out about it? was she laying in the picture1 position when u found her? Why don't u bring her to a scientist to have her professionally tested? If i were u i would bring her to a museum, personally because this is one of God's creations(if in fact she is real)and everyone should be able to c her. And if she was real there is NO way the museum would turn her down!! They would totally want to display her and test her and search the area where u found her for any foreign life forms. Sincerely Beth

A: I was alone when I found her. She is almost 5 feet long and does not weigh so much that I could'nt turn her over by myself...look at her she is quite skinny. Scientists will want a bunch of money to run scans on her plus they are so close minded, they only believe what they tell us is real or not. Most scientists don't even believe in God. Hopefully she will end up in some type of museum, for all to see and enjoy.

Q: If this is a real, dead creature, why is there not one fly or bug on it? Especially in Florida?
A: I am in Florida and there are no bugs on me either. I'm sure you have just as many bugs in your state as we do in Florida.


Q: Hi, I need another monster for my next movie terror, with which materias was used to construct it??
A: It's real fish skin, fins and teeth. REAL


Q: omg very interesting find....... looks pretty real and man if it were alive i sure don't want to be anywhere near it.... watching....GG
A: Who knows maybe she was a friendly sea creature.

Q: I seen the sea monster the other day and i'm now watching it..
A: Did you see it in the ocean or somewhere else?

Q: OutrageousEbayAuctions is watching your Outrageous Auction! GOOD LUCK!
A: Thanks OutrageousEbayAuctions you guys are the Greatest!

Q: What other kind of creatures have you come across? and Why are you hanging out in the sea-weed looking for these things?
A: Well I certainly don't go there to lay around in the sand and drink beers.

Q: Hi there :) How many watchers do you have? :o)
A: 545 watchers


Q: Jacques Cousteau would need a change of shorts were he still alive to witness this freak of nature. What a terrific discovery and one which will rock the foundations of the scientific community! You my friend are an inspiration to us all. I too believe in sea monsters!

A: Thank you my friend.


Q: If you really found this mermaid/sea monster, than why are you selling it. For sure something of this value is not something of sale. And how are you keeping it's body from decaying? Plus, why drill a hole in the back of the head when it would best to leave untouched. Oh, don't misunderstand me, I belive in mermaids/sea monsters, but to find one washed up on the beach..that just seems very unlikly. We aren't talking about The Little Mermaid here, we have to take into consideration that they may be just plainly happy where they are. To get washed up on to the shore, they would to be going very shallow, and why would they be going shallow? When there are many other places to find food. So the only answer is curiousity to mankind. Which could happen but..not likly. In your first description, you said you had found ANOTHER mermaid. Does this mean you had found more than one before or just had sighted them. Finding a mermaid would be a very importent discovery, I suggest you contact media.

A: NO HOLE HAS BEEN DRILLED IN THE BACK OF ITS HEAD. I was going to but my friends all yelled Don't drill a hole in its head! I also believe in Mermaids & Sea Monsters. On December 22, 1938 fishermen 18 miles off the southeastern coast of Africa hauled in a mean-looking five foot fish with thick, stumpy fins that were almost leg-like. The fish took almost three hours to die, snapping at anyone who came near it. This ugly fish turned out to be a Coelacanth, a prehistoric fish thought to have been extinct for the last 70 million years!


Q: How many of these sea creatures have you found and do they look similar? thanks

A: I have found a few throughout the years. They all look differant. This one is the mama of all sea monsters.


Q: Congrats! You are featured on the weird pulse on AUCTIONGAB!



Q: Hi there, Very interesting...but shouldn't this creature--whatever it may be--be turned over to science for exploration??

A: Scientists are welcome to bid.


Q: You have been featured on CURIOUS-AUCTIONS as Auction Of The Week! Not many auctions are weird enough to make that spot! Good luck!!



Q: hmm...any sort kind of blood come out when you drilled the hole?

A: I was going to drill a hole but decided to wait until the winner of this auction decided that for me. So the creature is complete.


Q: This is amazing! How do you know it's a female? I don't see any evidence of genitalia. Have you lifted it's tail and checked?

A: I really don't know. Male genitalia tend to stick out so I assume this was a female.


Q: What is stopping the mermaid carcass from decomposing/rotting? Thanks! :)

A: Well it's been dried out and treated with chemicals to preserve and get rid of any fishy smell.


Q: Congrats! You're The #2 Featured Auction at WAYOUTAUCTIONS!



Q: I'm wondering how truly lonely the beach really was? I do not subscribe to the alien theory but believe this is a true descendent of Cthulhu. I would be concerned about it's relatives trying to reclaim the body at a later date. That is NOT something that one would want to risk. Do you think that being in a landlocked state, I might be at less risk for this reclamation?

A: oh...the beach was VERY lonely. I only visit the beaches noone else in their right mind would dare to go. I think you are safe in a landlocked state....well unless you have a river near you!


Q: OMG this is hysterical--the best ~weird~ auction of the summer! The best part is the mention of the Red Tide being the cause of her demise---perhaps it is ALL an alien conspiracy??? or worse....lol Thanks for livening up the doldrums of ebay with your fun auction! :o)

A: or a Fish Conspiracy! Darwin said all life is evolving...maybe this fish was the first of the next jump in evolution for fishkind. A warrior type of fish, that is going to fight the human race for control of the sea.


Q: I agree that this doesn't look like no earth species. It does look alien. Instead of getting a small amount of money here I would search for someone who wants to check this out and they will pay big money. Either way you are going to be famous. You were already on Tampa Bays 10 News and I am not surprised if you get a call from David Letterman because I came across a sight and people were talking about it. Welcome to stardom. I wouldnot sell it I would investigate it more. Because if this is real someone else besides you will become rich. Hope there ain't a tracking device in this creature than you may get a visitor. Not trying to be funny but there are all posibilities. Good luck and I will keep and eye out for the out come.

A: Possibly this creature came from a USO. ( unidentified submerged object ) The deep oceans of the world are the most logical choice to hide an alien base. On other worlds fish life may have evolved beyond the human race. I love sharing my discovery with the world. Today people are ready to accept any information regarding alien life.


Q: I was out on a boat fishing a couple years ago and caught the same type of creature. We started talking about life in the sea and I realized I had no business keeping this creature at all, so I let it go and was never heard of again until now.

A: Amazing! this mermaid has family...it makes sense, she must have had parents and maybe even children of the sea?


Q: I swear this looks like my ex mother in law.. Alway wondered what became of her. I think you may have found her...lol Love your auction :)

A: Your ex mother in law must have been a good swimmer!


Q: Don't the authorities want your discovery for research?

A: If they had any brains they would. Maybe they are afraid it will come back to life and attack them like in the movies.


Q: Crazy auction! It has been featured at MOSTULTIMATEAUCTIONS. Good luck.

A: Thank you MOSTULTIMATEAUCTIONS...you guys are the Ultimate!


Q: Are You Sure It's Not Rubber?It Look's Like Rubber!

A: No rubber whatsoever. A friend of mine who does alot of fishing says the skin is real fish skin...study the photos, enlarge them....you can see the scales.


Q: Can you show me some better pics? I am interested in seeing the back from top to bottom. Thanx!

A: The last photo is of the creature after I turned it over. The back looks just as good as the front.


Q: AAAhhhhh-we've been waiting to see what you might find next! Your auctions are like road-kill, I don't want to, but I can't stop looking!LOL I have to tell you, my two boys, ages 7 and 9 are just in awe of this!:) great job!:) Hope

A: Maybe a drunk boater ran this mermaid over...but not me! I don't drink nor do I own a boat. Your boys are very smart....they know when something is great.


Q: AUCTIONDONKEY just featured your your BAD AZZ auction! Congrats and Good Luck!

A: Thanks AUCTIONDONKEY, you guys RULE!


Q: Hi there. Wow, what an awesome find! Can you tell me if its been authenticated by any of the museums in your hometown? Also, how is it presently being stored ie: in a temperature controlled environment or is it just on a table etc. in your home? How will this item be shipped and will it be packaged in a crate or cardboard box? Are you able to move it or handle it safely without knocking off any of its pieces? If I didn't want to hang it on the wall, how would I patch the small hole? Thanks and I hope to do business with you soon, direct cash payment okay and could the winning bidder be listed as private if requested? Regards-tdg

A: The museums around here, if they know of this creature has so far shown no interest. Cryptozoology, unfortunetly is not accepted by all scientists. Currently the mermaid is stored in my air conditioned garage. I handle her with care...nothing is broken or missing. I decided to wait on drilling a hole in the back of her head for hanging on a wall. Personally I think hanging her on a wall at the correct height would be the best way to display her. The other choices are to lay her flat out on her back or suspend her, face down, from a ceiling. The $200 charge for UPS shipping includes packing her very well to prevent any damage.If the final fee for materials and shipping are less than $200 I will return the differance.I can't accept cash, it is against ebay policy to accept cash payment for any auction. The auction cannot be changed now to a private auction...that choice is made while setting up any auction. Once made, you can't change it later in the coarse of the auction.


Q: GOOFYAUCTIONS would like to congratulate you on being featured on our website!!! Keep up the goofy work!!!

A: Thanks GOOFYAUCTIONS your the greatest!


Q: Is it a male or female? Does it stink?

A: I assume it is female, by the lack of any protruding sexual organ. There are no foul odors at all.


Q: Your auction is featured on ADMYAUCTIONS!!! Good luck!


Q: Dear Seller: This is not a dead mermaid but an alien from another world. Note the fingers, there are more then 4 fingers 1 thumb. If I were you, I would get a metal detector and hunt the area for strange metals, and computer parts, they may be in the water. Have someone scuba dive, and I'm sure you will find something. Then notify Army corp about the incident. Florida is a hot spot for UFO's by the way. If you need need futher information I will get it for you.

A: I also noticed the Alien like features, especially the face. There was a book written a few years back about an African tribe that interacted with Alien visitors who happened to be half fish, half humanoid.


Q: Congrats, your auction made the main page of AUCTIONHUMOR. What an interesting auction this is, we hope you get a lot of bids!



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